Ads remain the most effective manner of publicizing your brand to a wide range of people within a short time. The manner in which you treat advertising goes a very long way in determining the fate of your brand. That objective you have in mind to increase sales and generate profit depends on how you handle your advertising.

Use of print Ads in advertising presents itself as one of the top way of making your brand go viral. Statistics show that more than 160 million American adults read at least a newspaper within a month. This translates to the fact that newspapers get read by 69% of the United States’ population in a single month.

A very effective print ad would therefore go a long way in ensuring that your brand becomes a household name. This can be easily realized due to the large number of people that would be viewing it. In creating efficient print ads that convert, some essential steps that you must take to make it work include: 

1. Use a Catchy Headline

Humans easily get drawn to things that command attention or look attractive in a way. Creating a headline that draws attention and makes people very interested is essential. Once you have capture the attention, next step comprises having enough substance to keep them riveted.

The headline serves to draw them nearer and gets them inquisitive. They become intent on learning about the content the headline summarizes and checking out whatever you intend to pass across. Consciously or unconsciously, they absorb the message you have for them and retain it in their minds.  This message remains in their minds, coming back to the surface anytime something related to the ad appears.

Thus, your brand remains in mind for a very long time and they become very familiar with it.

2. Use High Quality Graphics

The importance of the use of high quality graphics for your print ads can never become overemphasized. The graphics you make use of could either make or destroy your entire ad.  Determining the difference between dots per inch in web design and print ads can prove essential to any print ad.

Using high quality images ensures that readers do not overlook or skip your ad for any reason. Nobody wants to stress their eyes trying to decipher what is being portrayed if the graphics appears blurry. Some would even make the assumption that if your ad does not impress, how much more the product.

Furthermore, you must take into consideration the type of print media you want to place your ad in. A magazine would definitely require higher quality graphics than a newspaper due to the way the magazine presents the ad.

3. Make Your Point

The first step to effective communication consists making your point known as early as possible. The speed with which you present your brand ensures they do not lose interest before seeing what they need to. Likewise, humans can easily get distracted so if you don’t present your brand early, they might not see it altogether.

The faster you make your point, the earlier they see it and the higher the chance of not forgetting. Consequently, they easily remember your brand first whenever they want to purchase a product you make.

Similarly, you need to make them know exactly why your product is what they need. Without cajoling, just break it down to them in such a manner that they can’t but agree with you.

4. Font Type

The appearance of the typography of your ad would either lure or repel prospective buyers. Furthermore, the font type depends largely on your target market. If you intend to target the aged, you need to use large, bold fonts easy to read.

The first glance at your ad by readers determines whether they would check it out or not. You need to encourage them by making things as easy as possible. Using a stylish font that proves difficult to read could attract attention but it cannot hold it.

Nobody wants to stress their eyes trying to decipher the information it contains especially since other sections are available.

5. Use of Images

Using images for your print ad can prove to be a major perk. People get drawn by attractive images easily which piques curiosity. In selecting an image for your print ad, you must go for one that would draw attention while still appearing subtle.

The image should not be too flashy to avoid overly calling attention to it. It must also place the reader in a mind frame ready to receive your message.

These steps have proven very effective in creating print ads that bring increased sales thus, a lot of profit. Print ads have also been shown as a very vital aspect to every successful advertising campaign.