top 4 reasons to choose outdoor advertising in 2018

Outdoor advertising is an important part of any successful marketing campaign. Outdoor advertising can come in many forms. Giant billboards may be the most iconic form, but there are also other forms. Wallscapes, posters, sky writing, and maps are all forms of this type of advertising.

Outdoor advertising can exist in many locations. Transit areas, such as the bus or subway, are common places. Busy streets and highways are also common areas for outdoor advertising. Basically, if it is outside, it is considered outdoor advertising.

There are many reasons to choose outdoor advertising. But they all add up to one goal: sales. To find out more, here are the top four reasons to choose outdoor advertising in 2018.

1. Target Everybody with Outdoor Advertising

While it’s important to focus advertising on the demographic that is most likely to purchase your product, it is also a good strategy to cast a wider net. Outdoor advertising targets everyone. Young, old, men, women, everyone that walks or drives by outdoor advertising is affected by it.

If your company sells beauty products to women, then you most likely advertise to this demographic. You may have advertisements in magazines. Google AdSense may target only female users. However, different forms of advertising can reach other people that may have a need for beauty products. Parents looking for a gift for their daughter, or a husband looking for a gift for his wife will find the information from outdoor advertising. A successful advertising campaign will have diverse forms of media in order to reach as many people as possible in different ways.

2. Repetition Reinforces Memory

Repetition leads to brand awareness. It allows someone to remember a product or service so that when the time comes to purchase that product, a customer will know who to contact. Most external advertising will be seen by the same people over and over again. This is because the most popular places for outdoor advertising are bus stops and train stations.

Commuters spend time every day on the train, bus, or subway. The repetition that outdoor advertising provides multiple opportunities for customers to remember the information given. It ensures that even if someone walks by a billboard or poster without seeing it the first time, that over a given period, that poster will eventually be seen.

The more times that an advertisement is seen, the more likely that a conversation will be had about it. And when people talk about a product they are more likely to purchase it in the future.

3. Create Tourism Sales

For anyone that has been on a road trip, it will be common knowledge that outdoor advertising is an important part of the experience. Everything from restaurants, hotels, and entertainment can be found on billboards and signs, giving tourists a friendly welcome and easy information.

Yes, cell phones provide maps and local information, but it is even easier to look out your car window an know just where and when a hotel will appear. Outdoor advertising draws in tourists, further widening your sales base.

Tourists can be a lucrative demographic that can help boost sales. If you are selling something seasonal, then it is important to find as many customers in a limited time frame as possible. Tourists help bump up the total number of people that you can reach in order to meet your sales targets.

This type of advertising is the best way to target tourists. After all, they will only be in a location for a short time, so they won’t subscribe to any magazines or newspapers. As well, depending on their internet privacy settings, they might not even have digital advertising to tell them about local businesses.

4. Modern Technology

Outdoor advertising isn’t just giant billboards anymore. Rather, a large part of outdoor advertising includes digital devices.

Bus stops, which make up a huge part of outdoor advertising, frequently use digital ads. The emergence of digital advertising in bus stops is great for both the company advertising and the company selling the ad space.

Companies that submit digital ads have more creative avenues. They can use special effects to create something more interactive. For advertising companies, digital boards allow for ultimate ease in changing the ad content. Instead of someone manually changing the posters, digital boards can change ads remotely.