Every media is constantly evolving, but in a recent couple of years it is especially true when it comes to TV advertising. In this article I will walk you through top 5 reasons why you should allocate a big portion of your advertising budget to TV advertising.

Social Media

We are in a new era. You no longer have just one screen when you are watching your favorite TV show. In a recent study the experts say that 64% of people visit a social media platform during a TV show. That means that social media if influencing your viewing experience and vice versa. In fact, TV ads drive 20% of social media brand engagements. So there is a lot to be said about integrating these to mediums


Despite digital being the new kid on the block TV is still the highest efficiency media by far. When analyzed across industries television, online display, paid search, print and radio advertising; TV is the most efficient attaining KPI’s like new account and conversions. And when controlling for spend TV achieved 400% sales lift than digital.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning will be used to alter your viewing experience. For example, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are already using machine learning algorithms to recommend new shows to watch based on prior choices. 80% of all Netflix and Amazon originals feature a product placement. In other words, machine learning directly affects which products will be shown more.

Machine learning will also change how TV media plans are put together. You will no longer use CPMs based on DMA Maps and Nielsen ratings. Instead media buyers will pay a small fee to get access to real time viewer data with ability to control for demographics, interests, behaviors, time of day, etc.


The way success is being measured will slowly shift towards more immediately trackable metrics. This doesn’t mean that the old way measuring reach and frequency is going away but just start being prepared for clients who ask for different KPIs. New services will appear that will be able to offer immediate action like an online sale, subscription or registration. This especially holds true when you consider what I said about social media above.

You will also be able to directly track how effective TV was at driving conversions. In that sense your clients will no longer look at TV as a way of keeping the brand “top of mind”. More and more your clients will expect direct conversions from TV ads and product placements.