TV advertising is an important part of any campaign and can positively benefit your brand. TV advertising generates thoughtful, emotion, and informative displays that help boost sales.

1. Link to a Website

Most TV advertising is only 30 seconds long. This is not much time to convey all the information you want to. That’s why having a link to a website is vital in any TV advertising.

Websites should be short and easy to remember so that it is easy to look up the website at a later date. Even if the details you want to get across are on an information page, keep the link that is shown on the TV advertising to just the homepage of your webpage. This way consumers can navigate the entire website and find information that they feel is important.

Because TV advertising can include a website link, the content should be more about creating a feeling rather than a barrage of information. It is the hook and the website link is the meat of the product.

2. Positive Associations

Watching TV is an enjoyable activity. After a long day at work, time spend in traffic, wrestling the children into bed, watching TV is a reward that has truly been earned. What we see while watching TV, including TV advertising, is associated with these positive associations.

After laughing at the latest Big Bang Theory, or even shedding happy tears with This Is Us, commercials that follow are lumped in with these emotions. And the associations go both ways. When you reminisce about your favorite character’s wedding, you can think fondly of a touching TV advertising. Or, when you think about a particular ad that you saw, it can remind you of a running gag in a show. TV shows and TV advertising are linked, and the associations work to strengthen brand positivity.

3. Short and Funny

As TV shows become better and enter a new golden age of TV, the same quality that we have come to expect from shows applies to TV advertising. Gone are the days of limited choice on TV. Now, more than ever, there are too many choices. As a result, TV shows have had to dig deep to attract new viewers.

The same goes with TV advertising. It is not enough to simply have a jingle or a cute scene. Instead, a message needs to be conveyed. Super Bowl, the titan of TV advertising took note and this year’s crop of commercials had the message of hope in them. From Budweiser to Toyota to T-Mobile, products were sold as well as an overall theme that the future is not as grim as often thought.

Commericals that have a positive message. It benefits your brand because that message then becomes associated with your product. It may seem weird that hope and beer pair together, but the message from the TV advertising was so powerful, that it works.

Think about your brand as more than a product. Think of it as a message that you want your customers to be aware of. It can be hope, but it can be so many other things as well. Positivity, diversity, ambition, love. Start with a message and create your commercial around it. That way your brand can begin to mean so much more.

4. Cost Effectiveness

The bottom line with any advertising campaign is just that: the bottom line. How much something costs and the return on investment is why companies use advertising in the first place. And TV advertising has shown time and time again that it works.

One study has shown that within 3 months of an advertising campaign finishing, the TV component was the cause of 39% of sales. The main reason for this is that TV advertising reaches all demographics. Yes, certain people are more prone to watching certain shows, but in the end, any show can be watched by any person.

As well as short time effects, TV advertising also works in the long run. There is better brand awareness after commercials air. More people are able to remember commercials in relation to a brand and more people are apt to talk about that brand. All this means is that TV advertising has a very important role to play.