In the midst of the buzz that print advertising creates, you must do all you can to stay relevant. If you cannot keep up, then you would get swallowed in the swirling waters of competition. Therefore, in order to stay relevant, you must take advantage of every medium available. This remains one major move that effectively helps you stay above water. Furthermore, if you want to outsmart the competition, you must look at things from an entirely different angle.

Despite alternative arguments, print media remains one of the foremost ways of staying relevant. In actual fact, print media remains a major player in the digital advertising business. This largely stems from the way humans are wired. One fact about human nature remains that we love to touch and grasp. Meanwhile, the print media in itself is laid on a foundation of handling hard copy. Therefore, in order to get a better understanding of print advertising, here are five must-know print advertising trends:

1. Simplicity

As the old saying goes. “less is more”, this remains on a trend that had neither faded nor changed. In this era of digital chaos, people actually miss the simple statements that characterize the print media. Also, the digital era has made people very impatient. Therefore, in order to make some impact, you need to pass your message with a single glance. Most people make use of their phones about all the time and would only have a few seconds to spare for your ad.

Usually, the minimalist approach always ends up being the winning side. Unlike digital media, the print media goes straight to the point without wasting any time. Therefore, one trend that has remained in the print advertising entails keeping imagery and text brief and right on target. This further reinforces consumer trust in your product since the short text would imply a form of confidence. This implies that you have got so much confidence in your Good’s efficacy that you don’t need to check this out again.

2. Authenticity

The idea of authenticity remains similar to simplicity in a number of ways. The issue of authenticity poses quite a challenge when it comes to print advertising. Usually, people want to see other people they can relate to being used in the advertisement. Not necessarily some icon or celebrity that seems just so far out of their grasp. When customers see people like themselves advertising, they automatically get the idea that the product is indeed a people product.

For instance, Loft, a retail brand under The  Ann Taylor Brand launch a plus size clothing line. This clothing line includes stylish and attractive wears that most people get attracted to. Also, they use a plus size model in the advertising all in a bid to show authenticity. Instead of going for the usual models, they make use of people that the intended wearers can relate to. This in itself results in a very positive boost for the brand. This remains the effect of authenticity.

3. Art

One big and amazing print advertising trend remains art. Color, bold patterns and a sense of artistry have become the order of the day. The art usually gives you a feel of what it would be like to make use of the said product. Unlike the past when it focused on just why you need the product, art now paints you a vivid picture.

It also helps you describe sensations and feelings that would accompany making use of the said product or service. The art has to have a simple yet subtle meaning for people to relate to. In other words, art has become a lot more significant than ever before.

4. Millennial Target

The main target of advertisers using print ads has become millennials. Millennials include individuals from 18-35 who have digital exposure but still recognize the print media. The main reason millennials have so much importance remains the fact that they have disposable income that advertisers covet.

Furthermore, these millennials are trendsetters. Whenever they begin any trend, the first of the population follows. Therefore, to successfully land these millennials, you would need to understand how they access print sources. Usually, free daily newspapers get read on public transportation during the work commute. Also, with the use of. niche magazines, a certain demographic can get reached.

5. Texture

One main goal in advertising remains to create an emotional connection between products and services and people. This remains exactly what texture could evoke. Humans react to different textures with emotions such as revulsion, pleasure, quality and a lot more. As a matter of fact, this type of memory has a name; haptic.

Making use of haptic memory largely influences the extension of brand awareness. Therefore, it remains to do print advertising that would evoke pleasure from the readers or viewers.

Furthermore, the importance of succinctness cannot get an overemphasis. If you want to pass your message across effectively, make it short and to the point. This would guarantee you a higher number of viewers which would imply a definite boost in sales.