Due to the increase in digital advertising trends, many businesses have started leaning away from the use of print ads. The digital age has made information a lot more readily available with just a tap or a click. This has made businesses opt for advertising means like spam email and flashy webpages.

However, the question of whether these businesses should do away with outdoor advertising still remains. Also, in the event that they are used, do they boost sales of goods and services?  However shocking it might sound, the fact remains that billboards pose as attractants for many people especially drivers.

Furthermore, statistics have shown that Fifty-eight percent of drivers claim to have gotten product information from billboards. Also, statistics have shown that 38% of drivers patronize businesses they saw on billboards and 28% did that immediately after. These  pose just a few out of the the top 5 must know advertising statistics which include:

1. 71% of Consumers Read Messages on Roadside Billboards

Billboards remain one of the most effective means of outdoor advertising. They come in various designs and sizes especially suited to suit customer behaviors and demographics. Statistics show that 98% of the population see at least a billboard every week with a great likelihood of reading.

Statistics  also show that 71% of people who see billboards actually look long enough to get the message. Furthermore, this has been shown to influence purchase choice since 68% of customers make their purchasing decisions in a car. This obviously points to the fact that outdoor advertising exerts a very great influence.

These results are based on the fact that billboards constitute a part of the environment making them blend easily. The exposure induced by traditional billboards further assist customers in focusing their minds.

2. Billboard Advertising Costs 80% less than Television Advertising

Television advertising remains one advertising channel on which digital advertising has taken a toll. This stems from the fact that many have formed the opinion that digital advertising is cost-effective and target market efficient.  In spite of this, TV remains the top choice of many for improving brand exposure and building awareness.

However, billboards present a more effective alternative and can be gotten for a whopping 80% less than Television advertising cost. Making use of traditional billboards further helps you cut cost despite the location of placement. Also, very flexible payment modes make billboard advertising a lot more easier to access.

The fact that billboards focus on promoting just one brand remains a great plus. Unlike TV and digital advertising where marketers share the available advertising space, the billboard focuses solely on your product.

3. Nearly 26% of Customers Have Visited a Website in Response to Outdoor Advertisement

According to data collected, almost 26% of customers visit  brand websites they got knowledge of via outdoor advertising. This implies that outdoor advertising remains a very effective way for brands to drive online traffic. Statistics also show that this percentage would increase with time as companies modify their marketing strategies.

Furthermore, this clearly points to the fact that adopting just digital advertising poses a relatively ineffective means. Businesses have realized this and have begun to include outdoor advertising within their overall advertising campaign. Also, people would definitely want to find out more about your brand upon seeing a great outdoor ad.

Application of and leveraging on outdoor advertising promises a higher rate of conversion. Also, online traffic for your brand becomes a guarantee.

4. 56% of Customers Remember and Discuss Funny Outdoor Adverts

One of the most effective ways by which your brand can attain popularity remains personal discussion. This is one of the factors that marketers and brands love to leverage on. Psychology dictates that when you see something that interests you, you would love to share. This lays the foundation for this particular strategy.

Statistics show that 56% of customers talk to other people about a funny billboard that captured their attention. This move effectively boosts awareness for your brand and helps you gain new customers without extra spending. Referrals have also been shown to be a strong source of confidence reposed by people in various products.

This form of interaction rapidly builds the needed trust required for buyers to repose in your brand. Additionally, this also helps to boost online traffic and increases sales.

5. Outdoor Ads can Boost Mobile interaction With Brands Up to 38%

A deep look into outdoor advertising shows that it has the ability to improve brand mobile engagement. Statistics show that Outdoor ads can lead to a 38% increase in mobile interaction between brands and consumers.

Also, outdoor advertisements increases the likelihood of consumer interaction with a brand by 17%. Furthermore, messaging and calls-to-action remain essential components with 66% of engagement interactions going directly to the brand.


Taking a look at these statistics portray the obvious; no brand should underestimate outdoor advertising. The effects remain mind-blowing and should constitute every advertising campaign.