One fact that still makes the radio relevant to this day remains its easy-to-use feature. Whether tech savvy or not, the radio presents the average individual an opportunity to stay updated on various issues. Also, easy availability and free listening contribute to the wide popularity of Radio advertising coupled with its long existence.

However, due to the advent of digital advertising, many have begun to abandon radio advertising. Although this might seem like the advisable thing to do, statistics show that radio advertising still has a great significance. In order to show how far-reaching radio advertising remains, here are 5 must know radio advertising statistics:

1. 92% of Americans Listen to the Radio Every Week

Statistics have shown that 92% of Americans above age 12 listen to the radio every week. This implies that the radio gets to over 240 million people. Furthermore, the ease with which individuals have access to the radio helps to boost listening.

Statistics have also shown that 80% of these individuals listen to the radio in their cars. Since it remains a known fact that most purchase decisions reach finality in cars, the radio, therefore, poses as a great influence. Therefore, brands get the opportunity to have a lasting effect on the listener’s choice of purchase.

Furthermore, due to a large number of radio listeners, ads could reach prospects even close to the point of purchase. This wide coverage poses as the edge many brands can take advantage of.

2. 59% of Americans Listen to the Radio Everyday

The Radio remains the second-most powerful medium in the United States, with 59% of the country’s population listening in every day. This clearly points to the fact that your ad would be listened to by more than half of the population. With this kind of publicity, your brand awareness and sales would definitely skyrocket.

Similarly, your ad would not have to compete with any other ads when it is being aired. This gives you a massive edge which TV or digital advertising would not give to you. On TV, you have got to compete to create cutting edge adverts that would draw attention. However, with the radio recording amazing content and then airing it sums up the entire process.

3. Over 6000 Radio Stations in the US Alone

Statistics have shown that the USA alone has over 6000 radio stations. Since individuals have preferences, this helps you streamline the specific stations where you would place your ads. This kind of number offers you a unique opportunity to reach every strategic location necessary.

All you have got to do entails identifying the radio stations that your target market love to listen to. Upon doing that, place your ads and wait for the rest to follow. Also, once you have these facts, you would be better equipped to advertise more effectively.

These radio stations offer local, regional and national programming which makes the radio a powerful advertising tool. Therefore, the choice of how best to get through to your target market no longer poses a challenge of any form.

4. 25% of Individuals Get More Interested in Brands due to Radio Ads

Statistics have shown that 25% of listeners get more interested after hearing about a brand on the radio. This implies that after hearing an ad on the radio, 25% of listeners get inclined to actually buy. This mainly stems from the fact that most individuals have emotional connections with their radios.

Also, many believe that any ad aired on the radio would definitely have legitimacy. Since radio stations would not want their images tarnished, they would vet any advert they air. Furthermore, radio ads usually contain calls to action which encourage people to go for the brand.

Similarly, eight out of ten Americans believe that listening to ads in exchange for free radio remains a fair deal.

5. Radio remains the Most Accessible Media

According to Advameg Inc., over 575 million radio transmitters are predent in the United States alone. Upon including cell phones and other means of listening to the radio, it makes for an additional 896 million sources. And these statistics are based in the United States alone.

The reason for this high statistic remains the easy accessibility to the radio. Furthermore, ardent listeners almost always have their radios on especially in stores which imply more listeners. When people visit stores, you can have a guarantee that they would catch snatches of a radio broadcast.

Although the digital age is here to stay, these statistics have shown that the radio remains a formidable force. Therefore, every comprehensive ad campaign should never forget to include radio advertising in order to make a more massive impact. In conclusion, radio advertising offers you the kind of reach that no other form of advertising can offer. This poses an opportunity that should not be wasted!