Over the years, the act of advertising has evolved in so many ways. The traditional means of advertising such as TV ads no longer command as much attention as they used to. This stems from the fact that most people use the internet even longer than they sit to watch TV. That is why  Digital Advertising has become the order  of the day.

Even newspaper ads do not function as effectively as they used to in the past thanks to the internet. Furthermore, statistics show that digital advertising spending would grow up to 83.9 billion in 2019. This simply points the fact that digital advertising has become a more effective advertising channel.

Statistics have also shown that even traditional advertising methods can only advance by adding a digital touch. In other words, more people have migrated online thus making digital advertising massively effective.

Summarily, check out some of the reasons choosing digital advertising in 2019 remains a very wise choice:

1. Easy Access to Target Audience

No other platform offers business owners the opportunity of getting directly to their target audience than the internet. Basically, ads on the internet receive views from a range of viewers which would definitely include the target audience.

Also, placing these ads on sites frequented by this target audience creates an even more effective dissemination channel. Statistically, 73% of adults make use of some form of social network making digital advertising the wisest call for advertising.

Aside this, digital advertising takes the advertisement directly to the target audience. The use of social media marketing platforms and digital banner ads exposes your business to even wider publicity.

2. Massive Revenue Generation

Due to the wide coverage your business would get using digital advertising; the massive returns remain a sure guarantee. Therefore, the effect of digital advertising on increment in customer base and sales should not undergo any underestimation.

This stems from the fact that massive digital advertising makes your business become a household name thus increasing customer base. According to Google, companies that make use of digital advertising strategies have a 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy than non-users.

Effective digital marketing results in effective sales and higher growth in profit. Therefore, any business that wants to really make much profit in 2019 should obviously incorporate digital advertising. Higher conversion rates remain an assurance when using digital advertising.

3. Reputation Boost

Advertising digitally has a lot of perks aside just increasing profit or drawing customers closer. Digital advertising also gives you a direct link to monitoring customer’s reactions towards your business. Similarly, digital advertising effectively equips you with the ability to monitor your business’s progress.

Monitoring entails responding to questions, complaints; managing various crises and solving various problems customers may have pertaining to your business. In doing this, your business starts to develop a positive reputation and begins to get looked upon favorably by customers.

Having a good reputation then ensures that customers refer your business to others since they now repose confidence in you. They know that their opinions would be considered and their issues addressed so this breeds trust. Thus, your customer base and profit margin improves reasonably.

4. Easy to Determine Progress of Advertisement.

Unlike other methods of advertisement, you can easily determine the effect your ad is having on your target audience. Using traditional forms of advertisement, analysis of advertising effect often takes a very long time to determine.

Using digital advertising however, you can determine the reaction of your target audience to your product within hours or days. Thanks to various social media and web analytics tools, you have unrestricted access to view the effect of your advertisement.

You can check out the number of views and the reactions various customers had to your advertisement very easily. This data helps you determine the kind of reception and attitude customers have towards your product. Thus, this will show you the next step of action to take.

5. Standing Out Amidst Competition

Digital advertisement helps businesses ensure that they get known in spite of other existing brands around.  Businesses just starting up more often than not usually do not have enough money to afford traditional advertising.

Digital ads therefore, remains the only way they can gain popularity without going bankrupt. Creating an effective digital ads ensures your business stands out among existing ones that may already have become a household name.

Digital ads places these businesses on a level playing field to compete for customers without existing business having an edge. Therefore, new businesses can easily stand out as long as their marketing campaign remains a top-notch one.


Due to the evolution to businesses that digital advertising brings about, using digital ads remains the wisest choice. The perks of easy monitoring and getting general feedback cannot easily get exploited except via the use of digital advertising.

Incorporating digital ads into any advertising campaign remains very effective especially since this age is totally digitalized. Therefore, not using digital ads in 2019 would be disastrous to businesses.