Since the turn of the century, consumers have begun to have very fast and unrestricted access to the internet. Due to this, many businesses have taken most of their advertising digital in order to keep up. Similarly, there remains a widely held opinion that “print is dead”. However, statistics show that the demand for print advertising still remains very strong and effective in the market place. Furthermore, with reinforcement from other platforms and formats, print media remains very relevant. Therefore, print advertising and media remain one that should neither get underestimated nor discarded. It would be a wrong move to do that.

Furthermore, print ads have shown a consistent return-on-investment of very massive strength. This implies that the print media remains very relevant and should get exploited for better exposure. Also, its combination with other media increases the reach of the print media and the impact it would subsequently have. Print advertising possesses some very unique characteristics that can almost not get found when making use of other advertising media. When it comes to making a major impression, the best way to go about this remains print media. Asides from the reputation of the print media helping you, you also have assumed credibility on your side.

In summary, print media hold so many benefits and here are five reasons to choose print advertising in 2019:

1. People trust print advertising over digital advertising

In 2016, a survey carried out on 1,200 Americans revealed that consumers repose more trust in print ads. Over the years, consumer trust has increased impressively mainly due to certain unsavory experiences that consumers have had online. This remains mainly due to that fact that print ads add credibility to your services or products. Most consumers believe that any ad that shows up in a print media must have undergone some product scrutiny.

Furthermore, pop-ups could get annoying after a while and this would breed a negative reaction to your product. In the event that this happens, it would become really difficult to get consumers to even take a look at your product or service twice. Similarly, most consumers do not take online ads serious since there exists a number which does not possess credibility. This remains what print advertising takes care of. They help your products or services get credibility and trust.

2. Print advertising last

Unlike digital ads, print ads last even longer than you would envisage. More often than not, the likelihood of someone on the internet seeing your ad depends on the website that they visit. In the even that they do not visit that particular website, your ad remains hanging. However, print ads last long; as long as the printed paper itself. Upon placing it in the paper, it can neither get taken out nor deleted.

If an individual takes a look at the print media you used after five years, the ad remains there waiting. Basically, print ads last until the contents they have an attachment with loses value. This implies that there would be some many guaranteed impressions especially if the magazine gets passed from person to person. In essence, the reverberations of print media go beyond the first reader.

3. People recall print advertising easily

The internet remains a hub of so much information. So many pieces flying around which implies that the brain doesn’t get enough time to retain most. A single page could have various links, calls to action and ads all trying to get consumer attention. This easily renders the reader very distracted so that they just scan through the “unimportant” stuff. In the print media, there is a reduced number of distractions as compared to the internet.

According to Media Space Solutions, paper-based reading is done slowly and more deliberately compared to internet scanning. This goes on to imply that print-based media would most likely make a greater impression on the reader. Also, it would improve comprehension and recall leading to more sales consequently.

4. Engagement with physical content

Notwithstanding how bland an ad might be, they still get to make an impression with print ads. Since people subscribe to magazines, the ads blend with the content and add to the general value. This implies that subscribers actually read the ads alongside the rest of the content.

Irrespective of the type of ad, readers are already wired to consider it a part of the magazine or newspaper. This also effectively boosts trust.

5. Multiple Senses Interaction

The human memory actually works better when multiple senses are being used in relation to a single object. For instance, reading a magazine while turning the pages involves the use of two senses. This helps the brain retain information easily.

Also, the smell of a freshly printed magazine remains one that is very loved by many.

In conclusion, making use of print advertising in 2019 should not get cut down on. This stems from the fact that asides from the above-mentioned reasons, there are so many others. Also, print advertising gives you that edge which you need over your competitors.