The internet becoming the major channel of advertisement in recent times has got people turning away from local advertising channels. As the reach of the internet increases, people have come to form the radio advertising no longer works. However, the fact remains that the radio still has a very strong influence over listeners.

For instance, the radio remains the main source of entertainment for anybody driving since they cannot peer at screens. Aside the fact that the advertiser’s message resonates in the listener’s ears, people easily fall in love with the radio. Most listeners have channels they consider as their favorite and would always listen to. This makes targeting listeners a lot easier with the radio.

Basically, some reasons business and brand owners should make use of radio advertising in 2019 include:

1. Radio Ad Effectiveness

Statistically, research has shown that over 90% of Americans listen to the radio every week. With Radio Ads, there exists virtually no competition since all the listener would hear at that point remains your Ad. Unlike newspapers or magazines, your ads cannot get skipped when you use radio advertising.

Similarly, since your ads would get played over and over again, it would tend to stick in the listeners’ mind. People listen to the radio all the time which gives you the assurance that people would definitely hear your ad.

Radio advertising makes getting your message across to the listeners easier compared to other advertising channels.

2. Cost-Effective

Compared to TV and Print media, advertising on the radio remains a very cheap and effective means. In creating TV ads, you would have to spend money bringing together a cast and crew. You also require photography services when it comes to the print media.

With radio advertising, you only require a small group of people to record your ad involving sound and dialogue only. Also, despite the reduction in the number of people watching the Television, advert rates have gone up drastically.

However, radio advertising rates remain very affordable and the number of listeners constantly increasing.

3. Easy to Reach Target Market

With the radio, reaching target market is all too easy compared to other mediums. Various channels are mainly listened to by various demographics which you can easily predict. Since various demographics use the radio for different purposes, targeting who you want remains an easy task.

For instance, to reach youths and youngsters generally, music stations like rock and jazz would do the job. Once you have discovered the station preferred by your target market, placing your ad remains all you have to do.

Generally, finding the right station would take some studying since taste changes over time. To keep your ad effective, you would have to monitor the trends and note changes in preferences with time. Pinpointing the exact station listened to by your target makes it easy to reach a large number of prospective customers.

4. Immediate Response and Sales

Research has shown that most customers listen to the radio before making most of their purchases. With your ad playing on their radio, influencing their choices becomes a very easy task. Since the fact remains that most people trust products broadcast over classic advertising media, credibility does not pose a problem.

Similarly, with your ad resonating in their heads, the possibility of purchasing your product remains a high one. Statistically, studies show that radio information gets to individuals at least 2 hours before they make their largest purchase of the day. This effectively increases the chances of your brand getting patronized.

Also, you can always count on an immediate reaction from prospective customers since most ads come in call-to-action forms.

5. Active Nature

Other forms of advertising such as print simply list the services or products like an itinerary. The print ad only informs readers about the availability of goods or services without evoking emotion. Statistics show that people tend to go more for things that appeal to them and induce some feelings in them.

Due to the active form of radio advertising, the voice heard over the radio has the ability to evoke emotions within listeners. For instance, when you create a hilarious ad to sell your product, you appeal to the listener’s sense of humor.

This evokes emotions within them which would make them respond to your products positively in the future. Also, when they hear anything relating to your ad, their memories become triggered and your ad stays in mind.

Since every business owner need to stay competitive in the marketplace, active advertising like radio advertising remains essential.

In conclusion, placing your ad on a medium like radio gives your product a lot of credibility. Aside this, your brand could easily go viral due to the references you would get. Since people tend to believe what they hear, choosing radio advertising in 2019 remains an effective choice.