Digital advertising is not the future. Rather, it is the present. Almost every cell phone is a smart phone, meaning the internet is accessed throughout the day.

Take advantage of this reality and use digital advertising to your advantage. Here are six top reasons to choose digital advertising.

1. Targeted Approach

Like it or not, our online movements are closely monitored. Therefore, digital advertising can be aware of demographics and easily target a select audience.

YouTube is full of gaming tutorials that attract billions of viewership hours every month. And it is most often young men that are watching these videos. It becomes easy, then, to target this specific demographic with digital advertising.

Once a search has been typed into Google, that history remains online. Digital advertising taps into this information and can post relevant ads. For example, if someone is searching for a new car, Google AdSense can promote other cars to potentially purchase. This way ads are select and targeted based on search history.

2. Better Reach

Ask any kid today what their favorite TV show is, and they will quickly tell you that they actually prefer YouTube. Netflix, and other streaming services such as Hulu and Amazon, are surpassing cable TV. By following these trends, it becomes obvious that the place to advertise is in the digital realm.

Work schedules are changing. Entertainment now revolves around a personal schedule, not the other way around. To this end, digital advertising make sense. It appears when a person is engaged with media, which can be at any time.

Digital advertising can be a part of anything online. This includes news, music, sports, and entertainment. There is no limit to what it can reach and who it can reach.

3. Engagement Tracking

Traditional advertising engagement used to be based on the law of averages. If 20,000 people drive by a billboard every day, then surely someone will notice it and perhaps even buy what it advertised. But this is by no means scientific. Thankfully, with digital advertising, it becomes a lot clearer who is seeing an ad, and who is engaged with it.

Engagement tracking can give you a host of information. This includes where viewers are seeing the ad and at what time. It can even tell you what was seen before the advertisement was clicked on. The more data around advertising, the better the advertising can become.

4. Flexibility

Online ads track how many people click on them and from what sources. As a result, it is easy to be flexible and boost viewership. For example, if an ad is regularly clicked on via a Facebook post, that post can be boosted to attract a wider audience. This costs more, but it has been proven that the ad works. However, if an ad via a blog is not being clicked on, then it is not having the same impact. That ad can remain if it is low-cost, but will not be built up any further.

Digital advertising can also be changed quickly. It can be as easy as a few keystrokes from a computer, anywhere in the world. If a company wants to add more information or change focus, digital advertising can quickly be updated.

5. Low Cost

Traditional advertising is expensive. If you think about realtors of previous generations, their advertising comprised a huge part of their budget. Bus ads, billboards, pamphlets all cost money. And this advertising was just to get their name out to the public. Now, realtors just need a Facebook page, which is free, and minimal advertising to share their page with others.

Social media has paved the way for digital advertising to be affordable for everyone. Accounts are free to create. Reviews help add legitimacy. Satisfied customers find it easy to like or share products and services. And if businesses want extra advertising, the cost is relatively inexpensive.

6. There are data experts

One of the most cost-efficient methods of digital advertising is to have your company or product be among the first listed in a Google search. This can be hard for an average person to achieve. However, there are now a field of experts with the knowledge to make this happen.

Instead of trying to figure out what SEO means (Search Engine Optimization), it is far easier to find someone else who does know what it means. Furthermore, that person can use it to your advantage to make sure that your product or company gets to the top of the search results. After all, nobody wants to get to page 20 before finding what they are looking for.