top 5 ways advertising can benefit your brand

Radio advertising is an important part of any advertising campaign. The right advertisement, catered to a specific demographic, can benefit your brand and lead to increased profit. Here are ways that radio advertising is not only relevant, but also essential.

1. Radio has reinvented itself

Radio has had to change because of new technology. With the emergence of subscription radio, traditional radio has had to evolve to retain listeners. After all, ad revenue is based on listener numbers. While traditional radio took a dive as more internet radio stations emerged, it still has an important presence.

Most radio stations now allow listeners to stream their content online. This means that radio is no longer just for cars. By tapping into the same realm as digital-only radio stations, traditional radio has found a way to stay competitive.

Traditional radio stations also use more national programs to stay cutting edge. By broadcasting the same program from coast to coast, it creates a can’t-miss listening experience. These broadcasts are also saved to be listened to at individual conveniences. Visit a radio station’s website and you will find a host of saved content, all with advertisements included.

In the end, there is no stopping online or streaming radio, so be sure to invest in both traditional and online radio advertising.

2. There’s no skipping commercials

Radio advertising is mandatory listening. In an age where TV and online videos have the option of skipping commercials, radio is unique in that it forces listeners to hear commercials. This is a huge potential for companies.

Radio advertising can work with both traditional radio and subscription radio like Sirius XM. This means that depending on the size of your company and advertising campaign, there are many options. Traditional radio can be local, regional or national. Whatever your budget, radio advertising works because listeners will keep the dial tuned, regardless if there are commercials on or not.

As for subscription-based Sirius XM, while their music stations don’t have advertising, their news stations do. The cost of advertising with Sirius XM is substantially more than local radio, but it is always nice to have the option.

3. Target specific demographics

Specific people listen to specific radio stations. Use this to your advantage when deciding where to advertise. While there are always outliers, the majority of radio stations will have specific demographics that listen to them.

Older people listen to oldies stations. Younger people listen to pop stations. Middle age people listen to news stations. Families listen to kid-friendly stations. When deciding which stations to advertise on, be sure to think about your product or service and who will most likely purchase it.

4. A clear message

Radio advertising doesn’t have to use images which is very freeing. This means that ethnicity and appearance don’t come into play. Rather, it is up to the listener to picture the person behind the voice. Because of this, people are more likely to identify with the person in the radio advertising.

Music is also an important part of radio advertising. Jingles are successful for a reason. They are catchy and share just the right amount of information. Music helps people remember the product or service which in turn leads to sales.

Similar to the success of music advertising is personal experience. More and more radio personalities will discuss a particular product. These people have created a relationship with their listeners and as a result are trusted. They can vouch for a product and it is almost like a friend has recommended it.

5. Ideas stick

All day we are bombarded with advertising and only some of it sticks with consumers. The key is to be part of that segment that works. Radio advertising woks by implanting ideas in a person’s mind. That person may not act on that idea right away, but as long as the idea sticks, chances are they will come back to it.

Take the example of Casper mattresses. They have bombarded the airwaves of Sirius Radio. A good quality mattress is not a spontaneous purchase to be made. However, the brand name recognition comes into play when someone does want to buy a mattress. Now when someone needs a new mattress, they will think back to the only brand they may be aware of, and choose that.

Radio advertising can take a little longer for results to materialize, but when paired within a comprehensive advertising strategy, it can pay huge dividends. For Casper, its digital radio advertising campaign has paid off, with a $300 million year of revenue.